"💗🐰NEWS🐰💗【WC×ESTHERLOVESYOU 】 第3弾❗️11/4(金)12時〜 WEB STOREにて先行予約スタート💫💫 Â¥5,000以上購入の方に数量限定で ノベルティプレゼント🎁💘 åº—頭予約会の詳細はコチラ💁 ðŸ“±http://gocart.jp/ap/s/s?rows=40&sort=rk+desc,fsdt+desc&fq=bd:GC010+OR+bd:GC040+OR+bd:GC050&kw=esther%20kim"

Online Pre-order begins on 11/4!

온라인 예약 주문은 11/4부터 시작!

estherloveschuu season 2!

The first part of season 2 is now available on Chuu!!! The furry slippers are scheduled to drop online 10/18! 

English url- http://en.chuu.co.kr/

Thank you so much for your interest in our collaboration!

#estherloveschuu#에스더러브스츄#에스더러브스유✅✅✅📲💻💻💻 just checked and the website has been updated http://m.chuu.co.kr✅✅✅📲📲💻💻✅ ä»Šãƒã‚§ãƒƒã‚¯ã—たらアップされてました🙆😆#私も待ってた ì˜¤í”ˆì™„료이래요 ðŸ’😆휴😆🍒


WCコラボ第3弾❤️11月下旬から販売スタート予定です😍💕可愛いサンプル続々と上がってきました〜🐰💞詳細は@wc_lovesをチェックしてね📲❤️お楽しみに💗 The third collection for wc x estherlovesyou is coming out in November. I will do my best to post links as soon as the items are up! 

#estherreads: the WAR of ART

I recently reread this book on a trip to Korea so I thought I would write about it for #estherrreads while it was still fresh(ish) in my brain. When I first read the book a couple years ago it really helped me to understand the ways I self-sabotaged myself from just even drawing every day. It forced me to face up to the excuses I made and also gave some insight in how to overcome them.

This time around as I read the book it was more about how to get to the next level. I have been able to work as a professional creative for several years now and am committed to this path but have been afraid to reach for higher goals. Its hard to admit you are afraid to go up but there is a lot of self-doubt that can come along and this time around the parts of the book addressing that fear really struck me. I feel like I need to reread those parts right now but I left the book at my friend's house in Korea(gosh darnit) and am contemplating re-ordering it.

I think often more than skill and ability the mental toughness required to make a creative career is what prevents people from pursing this path. It really helps to read about how to work as creative. There are so many great books out there. For those just beginning it doesn't have to be so mysterious or opaque read as much as you can! I think it will make all the difference. For those going on a couple years it helps to keep from burning out and for moving up to the next stage. There is never an end to the pursuit of knowledge.

#estherreads : How to Create a Portfolio & Get Hired by Fig Taylor

Although I've been working as an illustrator since 2007 I'm always reading books about illustration, design, freelancing, etc. No matter where you are in your career it's so important to keep learning and staying informed.

Often after I read a book like this I wish that I had read it sooner, like ten years ago sooner. This book is so thorough and a pleasure to read! It's not always a given that an expert in their field is going to be a great writer. This book is gorgeous to look at, super informative and well-written

The book covers so many different styles and industries for designers and illustrators.

Fig Taylor is able to speak from the perspective of what a client will want having worked as an artist agent for over twenty years and has so much insight in how to make sense of the marketplace.

Whether you are just out of school or have been working for a long time I think this book will have something for you.

I recommend reading it thoroughly. Don't just choose the parts that apply to you.

So this is definitely staying on my bookshelf as a reference book and a refresher read from time to time.


estherloveschuu© first collection 2016


I'm so excited to be working with CHUU! This is the first collection in a year long collaboration!! The concept for this collection was a California beach bunny babe. The CHUU estherbunnies are wearing sunglasses and posing sassy in heels and jeans. These pieces are perfect to wear all summer long. You can check it out on the website listed above. The collection is available for Korea, Japan, US, China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. 

@estherlovesyou @chuu_official
💕츄 X 에스더러브스유 5월20일(금) 1차 오픈💕
ESTHER LOVES CHUU first edition
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입큰X에스더러브스유 콜라보 하울! l 연두콩 YEONDUKONG

 It's so doki doki and fun seeing youtubers review my ipknxestherlovesyou collaboration items. It's my first time watching her videos but she's so cute! しゃべり方かわいい。はまった。

To order the items to the countries outside Korea click here: http://gmkt.kr/euo1U2


ipkn x estherlovesyou

I finally tried the items from my IPKN x estherlovesyou collaboration and I'm super in love! I feel like I'm set for my daily look with these items. It's easy to achieve a sweet innocent look with these items. 

I have to say my favorite item is the founcushion. It provides coverage like no other foundation I have ever used and looks so natural. I'm really impressed.

I genuinely like each of the items and really like how they look all together. 

Its sold online at Gmarket and I'm happy to say it ships international!



onnu nail x estherlovesyou

You know those magical moments where you become instant friends with someone? It was like that with ONNU of ONNU NAIL. I was in Seoul for a week so we decided to meet, sight unseen! She fed me ttopoki and asked me to paint my bunny on an expensive denim bag(I was sweating a bit) but she was very calm. I came back a couple days and she did my nails and we talked about collaborating. We had a lot of Kakaotalk chats and phone calls and had a lot of fun coming up with this collection. I hope you all enjoy it, too!

estherlovesyou with imogen wilson!

Please go and check out Imogen Wilson's website. There is a fresh flowing of snaps of glowing Australians and New Zealanders. I think they get more fresh air than us Americans because there is just something magical about the pictures that I can't explain. 

I'm so happy that we were able to collaborate to take some great photos for my beloved bunny basics(my rosebunny and badbunny t-shirts). I also had a chance to play with the photos I love to edit and do layout! Any editors who want to hire me for that purpose please feel free to use me in that way. :-)

Photos by: Imogen Wilson

Model: Gloria Hawkins-Roberts

Make-up: Eve Sorenson

Edit and Layout: esther kim


Rosebunny and Badbunny t-shirts available: http://estherlovesyou.bigcartel.com/

"Somebunny Special"

I'm happy to end this year with this lovely collaboration with Ahkah as they are celebrating their twentieth anniversary at Isetan Shinjuku. My bracelet is a part of a limited edition capsule collection of bracelets designed by California artists with the theme of "Starry Heavens".

Here is my artist comment about my piece:

In this bracelet my estherbunny is holding a yellow star. She is safely holding your wish in her hands. The yellow color of the star represents warmth and light. The strings tying the bracelet together are half and half. A combination of red and pink.  For me the pink symbolizes softness and red the strength of women. Although it may look like a simply sweet design I did my best to bring special meaning to each element as a piece of jewelry often becomes a part of us as we wear it everyday. 

Special thanks to Tomo Iwanami, who curated this special collaboration.


express myself

It's always good if I don't quite know what I'm doing and just dive in. The mistakes are painful but I find in my art nine times out of ten it's better when I don't know what I'm doing. It's hard for me to make orderly pretty things. I admire those artists and I often psych myself out to try to be like that. But what's more important to me these days is to express personal growth and not be afraid of my work changing.



My collaboration with WC is online and sold in WC stores in Japan. My absolute favorite item is the Estherbunny backpack. Feels like my drawings came to life!

But please do go and check out the other items! They won't be around forever. 


Many people have been asking me on my instagram how they can order if they don't live in Japan. I've heard of third party shopping sites that can order items from Japan for you. 

Disclaimer: I've never used this site before http://www.tenso.com/kr/I'm just linking it to show you what kind of services are available to order from Japan.