"Somebunny Special"

I'm happy to end this year with this lovely collaboration with Ahkah as they are celebrating their twentieth anniversary at Isetan Shinjuku. My bracelet is a part of a limited edition capsule collection of bracelets designed by California artists with the theme of "Starry Heavens".

Here is my artist comment about my piece:

In this bracelet my estherbunny is holding a yellow star. She is safely holding your wish in her hands. The yellow color of the star represents warmth and light. The strings tying the bracelet together are half and half. A combination of red and pink.  For me the pink symbolizes softness and red the strength of women. Although it may look like a simply sweet design I did my best to bring special meaning to each element as a piece of jewelry often becomes a part of us as we wear it everyday. 

Special thanks to Tomo Iwanami, who curated this special collaboration.