#estherreads : How to Create a Portfolio & Get Hired by Fig Taylor

Although I've been working as an illustrator since 2007 I'm always reading books about illustration, design, freelancing, etc. No matter where you are in your career it's so important to keep learning and staying informed.

Often after I read a book like this I wish that I had read it sooner, like ten years ago sooner. This book is so thorough and a pleasure to read! It's not always a given that an expert in their field is going to be a great writer. This book is gorgeous to look at, super informative and well-written

The book covers so many different styles and industries for designers and illustrators.

Fig Taylor is able to speak from the perspective of what a client will want having worked as an artist agent for over twenty years and has so much insight in how to make sense of the marketplace.

Whether you are just out of school or have been working for a long time I think this book will have something for you.

I recommend reading it thoroughly. Don't just choose the parts that apply to you.

So this is definitely staying on my bookshelf as a reference book and a refresher read from time to time.