express myself

It's always good if I don't quite know what I'm doing and just dive in. The mistakes are painful but I find in my art nine times out of ten it's better when I don't know what I'm doing. It's hard for me to make orderly pretty things. I admire those artists and I often psych myself out to try to be like that. But what's more important to me these days is to express personal growth and not be afraid of my work changing.



My collaboration with WC is online and sold in WC stores in Japan. My absolute favorite item is the Estherbunny backpack. Feels like my drawings came to life!

But please do go and check out the other items! They won't be around forever.

Many people have been asking me on my instagram how they can order if they don't live in Japan. I've heard of third party shopping sites that can order items from Japan for you. 

Disclaimer: I've never used this site before'm just linking it to show you what kind of services are available to order from Japan.