Esther Kim is a Korean-American artist. She was born in Los Angeles and spent her teenage years in Tokyo. She has been working as a creative for over ten years combining illustration, design, character licensing, art direction and gallery art to create her own world. Her work is at once cute but knowing and has a sophisticated girlishness informed by her love of fashion and multicultural background. Having spent many years in Tokyo and Los Angeles her East meets West culture girl aesthetic is a natural extension of her identity struggles and interests. Her multi-cultured talents have given her a unique sensitivity and led to her work being used in international cities such as Tokyo, Seoul, and London. Recently her work was on a billboard for Parco in Shibuya with model Yuka Mizuhara, a capsule collection for cult British brand Lazy Oafs, and she is working on her solo Seoul debut art show at Lotte Department store in 2017.



photo: Sachiko Omori


Client List

AR magazine, Ahkah, Anna Sui, Ciaopanic, CHUU, Ellegirl Korea, Epos Card, Gizmobies, Hello Kitty Con, HN Friends, IPKN, Isetan, Kiehl's Japan, Kid Robot, Lazy Oaf, Line Camera, Mery x Parco, Pink Panther, Milkfed, Nasty Gal, Nissen, Nylon (Japan, Korea and US), Onnu Nail, Pink Latte, S'EEE, Takarajimasha, Urban Outfitters, Virginis, Vivi and WC among others. 


2015 "I'm pink and blue for you"                       Solo Exhibition, Calm & Punk Gallery                  Tokyo, Japan   

2017 "iro-iro"                                                         Solo Exhibition, Calm & Punk Gallery                  Tokyo, Japan                                                                                                                                    

2017 "Lovely/Lonely"                                            Solo Exhibition, Lotte Gallery                                          Seoul, Korea